We provide multiple services that can cater to any e-commerce website. We can develop websites according to your needs or alternatively you can choose one from the phpbb website gallery displayed here.

Some of the services we provide are:

Graphic Design

Graphic design is by far the most commonly used method of displaying a website. It is getting increasingly popular owing to its ability to show up on the search engines with ease.

BBstyles offers phpbb templates with various styles ranging from difference in colors, difference in themes, and even multi-colored and multi-themed. We follow a mix of traditional graphic design with modern technology.

Our phpbb ready to use graphic design templates are created by some of the best and innovative professional from the advertising and art industry. Starting from the process of ideation, the web site creations goes through phases of conceptualization, designing of logo, layout making, text composition and finally after strict quality testing, the phpbb templates are ready to use.

We not only use the best creative media, but also merge it with a sound business logic paired with innovative programming functionality so that each php template can make a mark of its own.

Our graphic design web templates will achieve market recognition and increase your brand awareness. It will provide you with a visual appeal that stands out from the rest and yet at the same time is customized to your requirements.

Now you can run some of the most enhanced community forums out there in web space!

Flash Design

With a team of extraordinary professionals, we have been experimenting with flash based templates and have had major breakthrough as far as creative design is concerned. We have crossed the traditional barriers of template designs and gone a mile ahead by focusing on enhanced image accent animations and technologically advanced online multimedia applications.

We at BBstyles use the potent combination of flash media and web design concepts with generous sprinkling of abstract art to create wed sites, which are in a league of their own. We have an experienced team of professionals who provide their expertise and valuable inputs to come up with innovative designs.

Each of our flash phpbb websites will provide you with the following:

  • Brand awareness
  • Increase in visual appeal
  • Complex concepts with simple designs
  • Effective and Powerful Creative Inputs 

PHPBB template Features

  1. 1. Provides a strong securit system
  2. 2. Powerful authorization system
  3. 3. Strong encryption facility
  4. 4. Supports cookie and URI-based sessions
  5. 5. Unlimited Forums
  6. 6. Unlimited Categories
  7. 7. Unlimited Styles
  8. Search faci8. lity
  9. 9. Messages posting facility
  10. 10. Message formatting: You can choose from various styles of font, color and size. Also use various kinds of smileys and avatars.
  11. 11. Using images
  12. 12. Upload & Download of Images
  13. 13. Supports standard and extended BBCode tags
  14. 14. Supports HTML tags
  15. 15. Email notifications
  16. 16. Innovative and numerous member Features