about us

We have always believed in being a solution provider. BBStyles is a design company with a niche and our niche is our advantage. Hence, we provide the unique phpbb customized templates to save you time, money and resources.

Our mission is to ensure that you receive the very best of phpbb templates at down to earth prices. We believe in complete customer satisfaction through our services, which are can be downloaded from our website. Our custom templates are examples of our creativity and the hard work that goes behind it. We have designed these phpbb templates keeping in mind the requirements of the market, current phpbb trends and usability.

A dedicated team of professional web designers who are in their prime has designed all our phpbb templates. They are hand picked and bring with them an expansive portfolio of web design projects ranked among the best in the world.

The team at BBStyles is a group of flexible individuals who are capable of providing creative solutions to enhance your business objectives. They are multi-talented and believe in originality. Each of our phpbb templates has been through a process of ideation that is out of the box. Passion for design, a great insight into the world of e-commerce and striving for perfection are the three main characteristics that differentiate our team from others.

We at BBstyles have integrated into our website a different style statement. There is a generous mix of a traditional ad agency style with that of the techno-savvy innovation template of a web technology firm. This helps us to deliver high performance phpbb websites.

We have a team of quality control professionals and experts from the trade who provide their valuable inputs before we can certify our templates to be one of a kind.


PHPBB template Features

  1. 1. Provides a strong securit system
  2. 2. Powerful authorization system
  3. 3. Strong encryption facility
  4. 4. Supports cookie and URI-based sessions
  5. 5. Unlimited Forums
  6. 6. Unlimited Categories
  7. 7. Unlimited Styles
  8. Search faci8. lity
  9. 9. Messages posting facility
  10. 10. Message formatting: You can choose from various styles of font, color and size. Also use various kinds of smileys and avatars.
  11. 11. Using images
  12. 12. Upload & Download of Images
  13. 13. Supports standard and extended BBCode tags
  14. 14. Supports HTML tags
  15. 15. Email notifications
  16. 16. Innovative and numerous member Features