welcome to the world of phpbb!

BBstyles is the new word in designing phpbb templates that can be used by you for enhancing community forums and building resourceful websites. Our web templates are an alternative to normal website design procedure. We are different because we provide ready to use phpbb templates. All you have to do is find the one you like!

Traditional Vs PHPBB

Traditional web design requires processes, which can be time consuming and can take anywhere from one week to a couple of months. Lots of ideas, hundreds of corrections may produce one good result but the important factor is time. By the time, you actually launch your website; you may have lost half your target market.

This is where BBstyles has the definite advantage. We offer website templates coded with the latest phpBB. phpBB is the latest technologically advanced software. It is fully scalable, open source bulletin board software. It provides you a user-friendly interface, with a simple and easy to use administration panel. It is based on the Php server language and can be used with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Access servers, MS-SQL. We bring you phpBB, the ideal community solution for your web site.

PHPBB template Features

  1. 1. Provides a strong securit system
  2. 2. Powerful authorization system
  3. 3. Strong encryption facility
  4. 4. Supports cookie and URI-based sessions
  5. 5. Unlimited Forums
  6. 6. Unlimited Categories
  7. 7. Unlimited Styles
  8. Search faci8. lity
  9. 9. Messages posting facility
  10. 10. Message formatting: You can choose from various styles of font, color and size. Also use various kinds of smileys and avatars.
  11. 11. Using images
  12. 12. Upload & Download of Images
  13. 13. Supports standard and extended BBCode tags
  14. 14. Supports HTML tags
  15. 15. Email notifications
  16. 16. Innovative and numerous member Features